Our Story

We are Mauka Man Brand located in Hawai'i.  "Mauka" is the Hawaiian word meaning inland, upland; towards the mountain.  We are Hawai'i's version of the highly regarded American term "Mountain Man", said of men who explore and live in the wilderness.  We are blessed to be one of the only Hawai'i based brands exclusively dedicated to the mauka lifestyle. 

Throughout Hawai'iʻs inland terrain, lives the Mauka Man.  These rugged individuals have formed unbreakable bonds with the land.  They are the ranchers, the farmers, the hikers, the hunters, the caretakers of the land, and the inland man whose palms are turned down.  "Palms turned down?" 

As the old Hawaiian proverb goes, "E ho‘ohuli ka lima i lalo," meaning "Turn the hands down." This is said of when the palm of the hands face down they are put to work.

Our company is inspired by all forms of hard work, but especially the man whose palms are turned down in preparation for a solid future for he and his family.  We not only admire the everyday mauka outdoorsman, but we have admiration for the humble hard working individual who finds peace in the outdoors. Hence our slogan:


"Find peace in the dirt around you."